Opening Bot Commissions


Something I’ve considered doing for a while is opening commissions for Discord Bots. I’m happy to announce that as of today, I will be accepting those commissions. These bots can be anything you would like them to be, with a small few restrictions, but we’ll get to that later. Need some ideas for a bot you might want?

  • A bot that keeps track of user activity for your community.
  • Unlock voice channels to everyone depending on who is in them
  • Hide text channels on a schedule
  • Auto assign roles to new members
  • Moderator commands personalized to your server


Now that you have an idea of what you might want, here’s the pricing

  • A flat rate of $10 per bot
    • This includes five commands
  • $2 per additional command
    • Does not include utility commands such as help, as they are needed for the bot to function.
  • Special features, such as website integration, will cost extra and price will be determined on a per-case basis.
  • If hosting of the bot is requested, there will be a charge of $3 per month, if you do not require it, then a flat rate of $5 will be charged as well.
    • if a bot has special requirements this cost may vary.
  • If a bot need servicing and fixes, I will be happy to provide them for six months after the bot is created.
    • Hosted bots have fixes for as long as they are hosted.


All of the above prices are subject to change, but they are also open to negotiation. In the end, I reserve the right to reject any bot request, however I will consider each request. Now for the things that I will not be putting in my bots.

  • No NSFW commands, period.
  • No userbots, aka selfbots.
    • These are against the Discord TOS, and I will not help anyone with creating them.
  • No breaking of Discord TOS in any way, this includes abusing ratelimits, bugs, and breaking the community guidelines.

If you are interested in buying a commissioned bot, let me know by getting into contact with me on the HoardBot Discord. Thanks for reading, and look forward to helping people with creating their own bots. Have a great day
– Gord